Metropolis Express, Inc.

1123 Broadway, New York, NY 10010
T: 212-924-4480   -   F: 212-924-4819

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Metropolis Express, Inc. has proudly provided 15 years of experienced, professional, on-time delivery with exceptional customer care to our clients in the New York Metropolitan area. 

Metropolis Express, Inc. offers a variety of same-day pickup and delivery services.  Whether your need is On-Demand, Scheduled Runs, Distribution, or a combination of these, Metropolis Express, Inc. will deliver with courteous, prompt, affordable and reliable service!


Our well-trained staff of experienced office personnel and seasoned messengers are backed by a state-of-the art on-line ordering, dispatch and tracking system, which is designed to keep pace with your courier service orders. We are able to retrieve and update you with real-time information regarding your order, as you need.

Our goal is to provide the most reliable, professional delivery of time sensitive materials and services to our customers. We realize you have a choice in providers and want to do everything possible to ensure 100% satisfaction with Metropolis Express, Inc.